Fit 2 Track

If you need some help in choosing a tracker, Fitbit is your new companion to redefine fitness.Whether you require to monitor your heart rate to take your fitness to the next level or simply want to witness how your steps add up each day, there’s a Fitbit tracker to fulfill your objectives. It can also make agreat gift if you’re the generous type! We’ve listed six Fitbit models to help you compare prices, features and functionality. These are as follows:

1. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity with Sleep Wristband

List Price: $99.95

The Fitbit Flex is a smooth and stylish wristband that is now available here for $79.00. It is the base level band tracker.It helps track sleep, steps, calories as well as distance travelled. It also includes a silent vibrating alarm and can sync wirelessly to compatible devices. It doesn’t have a traditional screen, but the slim wristband displays, LED lights that show progress toward goals.The Flex does not offer any of the more premium features, such as heart rate tracking or GPS. It also does not have a numerical display of the time or other fitness info. However, the Flex does offer sleep tracking and a silent waking alarm (though no automatic sleep detection). It has a battery lifespan up to five days and perfectly fits people who want a water-resistant wristband, which allows fitness tracking to continue, no matter the activity.


2. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

List Price: $129.00

The fitness tracker Fitbit Alta has lots of customization options. Itpromises to be “the smoothest way to stay inspired”. This slim, stylish tracker is sold in black, blue, plum and teal. It offers all-day activity tracking, smart notifications, sleep monitoring and reminders to move.  This model has multiple interchangeable bands which are sold separately. They are made up of premium materials like leather or metal. In addition, the Alta offers a slim OLED display with a variety of clock face options to choose from. You can also choose whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal display orientation.  You get a call, text, or calendar update (but only when your smartphone is nearby). If you’re looking for a slim Fitbit with a blend of fitness tracker and smartwatch features, this is a solid option to consider.The Fitbit Alta The water-resistant device also features a wireless syncing to compatible devices. Its battery life is up to five days and is perfect for use by the Newbies to the fitness tracker world. Although the Alta lacks some of the components of its more advanced counterparts, such as a heart rate monitor and GPS, it’s still a valuable tracker and arguably the most visually appealing Fitbit yet.Get the latest offer on this product here.


3. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

List Price: $129.95

The Fitbit Charge is more expensive than the Flex, but it does have the added advantage of a display that tells you the time. Now reduced to $99.00, the Charge is an improved tracker, both in price and features from the Flex. This model features activity tracking (steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed in a day and active minutes), a clock, sleep tracking, auto sleep detection, silent vibrating alarm and caller ID. The wristband has an OLED display and can wirelessly sync to compatible devices. Its battery has a life of seven to 10 days.
It is useful for athletes who want an all-encompassing sleep and activity tracker without having to pay the price of a more advanced smartwatch. The Flex does not offer any features, such as heart rate tracking or GPS. It also does not have a numerical display for the time or other fitness info. However, the Flex does offer sleep tracking and a silent waking alarm.


4. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

List Price: $149.95

The Fitbit Charge HR is a bit better than the Fitbit Charge. The difference seen is that, it lacks the heart rate monitoring you’ll find in the Charge HR. The lack of continuous heart rate monitoring on the Charge does have an upside but a lower price. Real-time heart rate monitor gives you a more accurate estimate of your calorie burn, and it also helps you to keep your heart rate in the right zone while working out. The Charge HR also has caller ID, exercise tracking, wireless syncing, a water-resistant design and an OLED display, which is a nice feature when you get calls during a run or visit to the gym.Its Battery life is Up to five days and is a really good choice for serious athletes who want a reliable and a multifaceted fitness assistant for a now reduced $129.00


5. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

List Price: $199.95

 The Blaze is Fitbit’s newest device. It is a watch that provides a cross between an advanced fitness tracker and a basic smartwatch. For a reduced $189.95, the Blaze offers PurePulse, Heart Rate readings, all-day activity tracking, sleep monitoring and workout summaries. Customers can also avail wireless syncing to hundreds of devices, music control of mobile playlists, smart notifications (text, email, and calendar) and a connected GPS system to map routes when synced with a compatible device. The Blaze has a Battery lifetime Up to five days and is a Good fit for sophisticated athletes who aren’t ready to make the leap to a more advanced smartwatch. The Blaze offers just enough smart features while keeping fitness the main priority.

Fitbit-46. Fitbit Surge Smart Fitness Watch

Price: $249.95


This is not all, the topper amongst the trackers is Fitbit’s fitness tracker line is the Surge, a performance fitness GPS watch. In addition to typical tracking, this watch has caller ID, text notifications, music control, continuous heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking and wireless syncing with compatible devices. The fancy features aren’t a substitute for tried and true fitness metrics, either; users can log their workouts, view exercise summaries, track distance, monitor calories burned, record floors climbed and calculate pace. The surge has a battery life of almost seven days (GPS battery life up to 10 hours).It suits the people who want all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch like the Apple Watch Sport, but don’t want to pay almost $100 more. Get the latest price here now.