Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Stay Powered with workout monitoring by the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

If you are into style and love your colours, then the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker for your exercise routines can be a great fit. With several colours on the bloc and detachable band to add to your convenience, this product is one of a kind and it going to be a great companion or all those times you need to keep up to your fitness regime and track the amount of progress you have been able to manage. In case you are wondering about the investment you have to make then the $129 mark is the value for this great asset. With everything merged into one super device, getting hold of your fitness progress will be a piece of cake. You can wear it whenever you want and need not worry about how it looks. You can wear it casually or even to office. It looks smart, sophisticated and chic for formal events as well. Thus counting on the number of calories you have burned even while sitting on the office chair is made possible.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

 Active sync with devices

 With a five day battery life, you need not continuously run with the charger. With a single tap you can change the display on the band and check out your daily progress. Apart from showing you the time for every moment, you can monitor the number of steps you have taken, calories burned and amount of sound sleep you are having and also the distance you have covered. It will give constant reminders to stay active. Once it has been synced with the phone, you will get call, calendar and text notifications from the phone that has been synced. Hence you can stay constantly updated on the news and the progress you are making with the help of charts and graphs. With a slim and trendy fit, you can wear it almost everywhere and at all times of the day.

Changing everyday trends

Since the bands are detachable, you can almost change the color of your bands everyday and with every change of occasion. With blues and purples and even peaches on the bloc, you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of color shades available for grabs. The bands come in metal and leather making the entire band look trendy and classic at the same time. It weighs about 1.1 ounce and therefore is light and easy to carry no matter where you go.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

The leather band will give you the ultimate fit and comfort that you need while making those strenuous moves. A consistent monitoring of the number of calories burned, will surely give you the inspiration to move forward and to make a great influence on your progress. The features are easily manageable and with a simple stroke, you can know about every move you are making and whether you are able to achieve your daily set goals. The OLED display makes it easy for you to track and see the digital readings. Hence whether you are working out at night or during the day, the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker will serve well with your daily routine and you will exclusively get a feel of how amazing it is to get some positive motivation for working out.


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